• Tim O'Connor

What roles do the amateur mass ensemble play in the show?

The mass ensemble will take on a variety of roles in the production, from Munchkins, to Poppies, to Citizens of the Emerald City, Jitterbugs and Winkies. Not all members of the mass ensemble perform in every number - participants are allocated to the sections of the show that best suit their skills. Some parts of the show require strong dance ability, and others require stronger singing and acting ability, so we try to utilise each participant in a way that best shows off what they can do. We do our best to ensure that each participant enjoys ample stage time, working within the restraints of the existing storyline and show requirements.


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Who is producing this show?

The company responsible for this arena show is Harvest Rain, Australia’s largest not-for-profit youth arts organization and producer of live entertainment. You may have seen their recent arena product