• Tim O'Connor

Who is producing this show?

The company responsible for this arena show is Harvest Rain, Australia’s largest not-for-profit youth arts organization and producer of live entertainment. You may have seen their recent arena productions of HAIRSPRAY - THE BIG FAT ARENA SPECTACULAR or GREASE - THE ARENA EXPERIENCE which toured the country in recent years.

Renowned as an incubator for new and emerging talent, over the years Harvest Rain have helped literally thousands of young performers discover and celebrate their passion for the arts through the many training experiences and performance opportunities we provide nationwide.

As a producer of live entertainment, Harvest Rain has presented everything from large-scale arena spectaculars to intimate cabarets, new works to classic musicals in concert and everything in between, while always maintaining a focus on introducing young people to the arts. They are renowned for connecting the “dreamers” with the “doers”; helping young artists to develop their skills by involving them on stage in major productions performing alongside seasoned professionals in front of thousands of delighted audience members.

Harvest Rain also provides a range or training experiences for young people, from holiday workshops to weekend master classes to full-time courses and more, all designed to assist young artists in the pursuit of their passion.

More than three decades after it began, Harvest Rain remains committed to creating engaging, high quality performance experiences and enriching, challenging training opportunities for the next generation of performers.

If you would like more information about Harvest Rain, click here

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