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Hey there,

Can you believe that Show Week is nearly here? It’s all happening! This email is full of important information covering the below:

  • CHANDLER: Costume Day

  • BCEC: Parking Details

  • BCEC: Sign In and Sign Out Process

  • BCEC: Between Show Sign Out (18+)

  • BCEC: Between Show Food Drop Off

  • BCEC: Make Up/Costume Days

  • BCEC: Jackets, Programmes & Posters

CURRENT SCHEDULE: http://media.wix.com/ugd/8661bc_a08b6550f7db4ee5b94f062c4eaef055.pdf

BCEC: Parking Details

Pick Up / Drop Off

BCEC have graciously opened up Exhibition Hall 1 for parents as an allocated drop off and pick up area. Parents can then park their vehicle, leave their vehicle and take your children to sign them in and then return to their vehicle to exit with no fees being charged.

IMPORTANT: You cannot park and leave your car here throughout the day. This is specifically for drop off and pick up times.

All Day Parking Deal

The fantastic team at SECURE A SPOT Parking, South Brisbane, has offered a discount deal for GREASE to all parents and participants – please see image below:

You are welcome to use this parking deal to park during performances as well.

**Parent Supervisors: this would be the best place to park during the day if you are staying to supervise.**

BCEC: Sign In and Sign Out


Sign in will take place through DOOR 1 off GREAT HALL CONCOURSE just off the main entrance (please see above map - there will be signage up at the venue).

All participants are allowed to sign themselves in as per all previous rehearsals. They will enter through Door 1 and proceed inside to their dressing room allocation (attached below)

For safety reasons, parents will not be allowed past DOOR 1. We appreciate your understanding.


Age 15 and under

Due to the lateness of sign-out at night and the location of the venue, all performers aged 15 and under must be signed out by a parent or legal guardian over the age of 18. We cannot make exceptions to this rule even with written permission - please make arrangements for this ahead of time.

Age 16 + 17

Any participant who has previously been given permission by a parent/guardian via the online form (for Chandler) will be permitted to sign themselves out. These permissions will carry over for age 16 and 17 only.

Age 18+

You are automatically permitted to sign out when no longer required.

BCEC: Sign Out Between Shows

For safety reasons, only participants aged 18+ will be allowed to sign themselves out between shows.

There will be a separate designated sign out sheet at DOOR 1 for any aged 18+ who would like to sign out between shows.

Please note, if you sign out, you will be required to be signed back in by the 1-hour call of each performance.

BCEC: Food Drop Off Between Shows

If parents would like to drop off food to participants between shows on Friday, Saturday or Sunday please see the drop off window below:

Friday: 4.30pm - 5.30pm

Saturday: 4.30pm - 5.30pm

Sunday: 3.30pm - 4.30pm

Please make sure you clearly label the food with the PARTICIPANTS NAME and GROUP.

BCEC: Make Up & Costume Days

Full costume, hair & make up are only required from Thursday onwards. There is no hair, make up or costume required on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Participants will need to arrive to the venue in full makeup hair and costume on the above listed days.

BCEC: Posters, Programmes and Jackets

For anyone who ordered a poster, programme or jacket, we will notify you once these have arrive and are ready for distribution! Stay tuned.

Other Information

Please be aware that harmless smoke and haze will be being used in the theatre as of Tuesday.

I believe that is all for now! I know the above is a bit of information overload so please make sure you read it all very carefully! Any questions you have, please feel free to pop it up on the Facebook group or chat to Marcelle or Steph when you see them!

We cannot wait to get into Show Week with you all this coming week – it is going to be a massive week. Please feel free to bring with you a pillow so you can rest when you aren’t needed on stage.

You will be meeting the Mass Ensemble Stage manager this weekend, his name is Alex Podger and he will be the one coordinating all of your movements back stage throughout the show.

Please make sure you bring enough food and water with you each day.

Remember not to bring food that contains

  • eggs

  • nuts

  • seafood

  • chickpeas

  • sesame seeds

  • kiwi fruit

  • spray deodorant

Make sure you are spreading the word all over your social media pages that GREASE is the word in Brisbane next week only! I am typing this email from the rehearsal room and the show look MAGICAL. So make sure you tell everyone that GREASE is the word!!

We can’t wait to see you all this week. We are going to have such a blast!

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