• Tim O'Connor


“I just wanted to share a beautiful quote with everyone which really captures the essence of my show journey. “We are mosaics – pieces of light, love, history, stars – glued together with magic and music and words” Thank you so much to the creators of the mosaic that was the arena experience - an artwork filled with love, happiness and many memories! I will cherish this journey for many years to come and am so grateful for the opportunity.”

- Rebecca Walters, member of the mass ensemble

“Feeling so emotional after this amazing journey - thinking of the professionalism, attention to detail and safety, commitment, passion, talent and dedication of everyone involved. Our daughter is still singing and dancing and smiling from ear to ear and keeps sharing new stories from the last few days. We will remember this forever and will nurture the amazing friendships we've made.

– Indigo Moon, parent of a member of the mass ensemble

“What a wonderful experience my daughter has had. Thank you to all of those at Harvest Rain for putting such an amazing show together & choosing our children to be part of it. Everyone’s hard work paid off & the result was an outstanding, funny, heartwarming (& sometimes tearful) show - a very special thank you to the supervisors that worked endlessly looking after our little stars!”

- Shona Smith, parent of a member of the mass ensemble

“Words can't express the emotions we are feeling today now that it's over. Thankyou to everyone at Harvest Rain. You genuinely care about our kids and I think that's the nicest thing - there is no competition, no one is better than anyone else, you just let a bunch of like minded kids get on stage and do their thing. Some are pursuing a career in performing arts, some aren't, they are all just out there having a good time, you can tell that by the huge smiles on their faces! The show was nothing short of genius... it was run with compassion and organisation, and left my daughter with lifelong friends!”

- Donna Hannah, parent of a member of the mass ensemble

“Thanks to all the hardworking individuals who have provided such a wonderful experience for both participants and the audience of this wonderful show. All the tears on the last night tonight show how much the mass ensemble have enjoyed being part of the show. Special thanks to all the stars who took time to sign books and shirts when they were probably exhausted and craving quiet time, what a wonderful example you are setting!”

– Janice Burnham, parent of a member of the mass ensemble

“Thank you is not enough for what you both have taught these young people since the inception of HAIRSPRAY. As I sat there this evening before the closing show listening to Tim and Callum share their words of wisdom and inspiring the kids to go out and to reach for the stars, they were not only empowering today’s young generation with the spirit to follow their dreams but they ignited a fire in the kids’ bellies to go out there and believe in themselves. To you and all your wonderful hard working crew – thank you for a wonderful and inspirational experience!”

- Tania Geerrsson, parent of a member of the mass ensemble

“Just wanted to say thanks to Harvest Rain for giving my son the chance to be a part of this show. I wish to thanks all the dance captains for your care for all the children. The patience you have all shown was amazing. Good luck with the rest of the tour – I hope you end up with the success wherever you go!”

- Rosemary Wiman, parent of a member of the mass ensemble

“I am a very proud Mama, and we absolutely loved the show. Everything ran so smoothly that I couldn't believe we were watching a lot of talented kids perform like professionals. We were very impressed with the whole Harvest Rain experience from auditions through to the completion of the show and the wonderful people keeping our kids safe and occupied. Thankyou and can't wait to see you next time!”

- Maria-Louise Mead, parent of a member of the mass ensemble

“What's interesting about this whole experience is that leaving the safe, nurturing and fun environment of the arena experience is making me more nervous than performing in front of all those people ever did. In the four weeks in total that the cast and crew have been together, I have felt more at home and loved than I ever have in my life before. This whole experience has made me realise that musical theatre is something that I'm truly passionate about. I really want to thank everyone who made this experience possible! It has truly changed my life and I will forever be grateful”

- Ashlee Manthey, performer in the mass ensemble