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What costs are involved for members of the amateur mass ensemble?

Because many of the young people who sign up to take part in the arena experience have limited performance training or experience, we put all members of the mass ensemble through a dedicated training program before they commence rehearsals. This training bootcamp is delivered by a large team of experienced practitioners over a number of days. The cost to participate in the training boot camp is $298 per person. As Australia's largest not-for-profit youth arts organisation, Harvest Rain is very focussed on creating an experience that helps young performers improve their skills, which is why we ensure that everyone goes through the training boot camp before commencing rehearsals or progressing on to the final performance opportunity.

Harvest Rain will provide costume and prop elements for participants to wear and use during the performance. In addition to this, participants will be required to purchase a WIZARD OF OZ costume pack at a cost of $65 per person which will provide them with individual costume items specific to their character. These items will remain the property of the participant at the close of the show. This fee will be collected once participants have completed their boot camp training.

The boot camp enrolment fee and costume pack fee are the only compulsory cost incurred by members of the mass ensemble.

There is no fee charged to take part in the performance opportunity.

Programmes, posters, t-shirts and other merchandise will be available for sale, but these items are not mandatory. Participants and their family & friends may choose to purchase tickets to see the production, but this is not mandatory. Professional photographs of the production and backstage stills may be made available for sale, but it is not mandatory for participants to purchase these.

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