• Tim O'Connor

Are members of the amateur mass ensemble paid?

Members of the amateur mass ensemble do not receive payment. Their involvement in the production is on a voluntary basis, not unlike a rock eistedfod or school spectacular. We are not looking for professional performers to take part in the amateur mass ensemble, but rather young aspiring performers looking for a fun and exciting opportunity to do what they love, improve their skills and perform alongside a professional cast in a high quality major production presented by Australia's largest not-for-profit youth arts organisation, Harvest Rain.

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What roles do the amateur mass ensemble play in the show?

The mass ensemble will take on a variety of roles in the production, from Munchkins, to Poppies, to Citizens of the Emerald City, Jitterbugs and Winkies. Not all members of the mass ensemble perform i

Who is producing this show?

The company responsible for this arena show is Harvest Rain, Australia’s largest not-for-profit youth arts organization and producer of live entertainment. You may have seen their recent arena product